I am a lecturer at the University of Waterloo where I teach computer science and do high school outreach. I have a particular interest in trying to attract more young women to the field of computer science where they are currently very underrepresented.

I have lived my entire life in Ontario, Canada – much of the time in small towns. Recently I was offered the opportunity to live and work in Dubai for four months at the University of Waterloo campus there. I wanted to keep a record of my time in the U.A.E.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I just came across your blog when researching about Dubai. I’m a senior high school student and I’m very interested in moving to Dubai to work and live later in life. I was wondering if you could email me so I could ask you some questions about your experience. Thank you!

  2. Dear writer,
    I could not find neither name nor e-mail of yours but would like to contact you and talk about your photographs. Could you perhaps send me an e-mail? That would be great. Hear from you soon, Michael Frank

      • Hello Sandy, thank your for your answer, I am sorry that you had to wait that long for my reply. I was ecpecting an e-mail and waiting everyday to get one on my mailaccount, so it’s only today I came back to visit your site again. And – as I only see now – I forgot to click the button “Notify me of follow-up comments . . .”, which I did now.

        We are talking about a 4-page flyer which I am just preparing for a friend, who himself is an artist. He comes from Germany, his works are of metal and he is just planning an exhibition where the flyers will be given to the visitors. The picture would be used as a Background for one of his objects. We are also thinking about perhaps placing the picture (a collage of your photo and a photo of one of his objects) on his website to make people download the PDF of the flyer.

        As he ist an artist himself, he wants people to respect his work and so does he his respect to your work, your photo. This is why we ask you for your kind permission to have it printed it in the described flyer.

        And of course the main question is:
        Are you going to charge something for that and if yes, how much would that be?
        Or do you want us to mention your name and website instead and to send you a copy of the flyer for your portfolio?

        Looking forward to your answer,

        Michael Frank

      • Michael:

        I would be happy to share my photo, free of charge. I assume that you are talking about the skyline shot of Dubai. Could you confirm that this is the photo you want. If it is, I will send you the original as well as the retouched version I used on here.

  3. Dear Sandy,

    that is very kind of you and –The skyline shot of Dubai ist the photo we are talking about.
    If you could send the files to me would be great. Thanks very much.
    Please don’t forget to tell us your address so we can send a copy of the printed flyer to.

    I will also send a PDF first if you leave your mail-address too.

    Thank you very much, MIchael Frank

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